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About Us!


Above the Limits Clothing is a motivational lifestyle brand for ALL Based in Cincinnati, Ohio.


My name is Bréaun! I am a Twenty-Something Black Trans dude, striving to break every social construct and boundary stopping me from expressing myself as the person I was meant to be. I came up with Above The Limits back in college when I was going through a rough time mentally and physically. These things caused my grades to drop, confidence to fall, and the loss of so many so-called "friends". I needed something to keep me pushing forward, to go above and beyond the obstacles placed in front of me. That's when I remembered the old anti-drug campaign "Above the Influence". That little arrow logo was my motivation, my strength and my guidance. It reminded me that no matter what happened in life, I had to be above it. Thus Above The Limits was born.

 What is Above the Limits?

Above the Limits is a lifestyle brand for all identities that reminds you that there is no person, boundary, social construct or obstacle that can limit you from being who you are or who you want to become. This includes limits like, society, being bullied, physical and mental health, fitness, coming out or any other struggle that limits you from becoming the person you were meant be."